Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Feeding the Brown

Last December Les was newly "retired" from UPS.  He wanted to feed the UPS boys on Christmas Eve morning.  He knows what this month is like for these guys!  He wanted to feed them again this year.  He conferred with his dear friend Rose and she whipped up breakfast for 50.  I went along to help serve this morning.  Thanks to Rick, Gunnar and Janna for their help setting up and getting the coffee, juice and plates there.

Thank you Paula and Kristi for helping!!

We hope you appreciate your UPS driver.  These guys are working 12-14 hours a day.  They will be back at it again on Friday. 

Les came home tired, and sad that he wasn't working alongside these guys anymore.  He misses the craziness of it all.  He says to be thankful for your ability to work.

Merry Christmas!  We have a quiet Christmas Eve.  We have our Christmas with our kids on Christmas morning, and will have dinner at my parents later in the afternoon.  We have some family coming in for the holidays, and we are very happy about that!  Remember the reason for the season - JESUS!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Wheels

Les got his new wheels.  His chair was delivered recently.

We are very fortunate to be able to borrow Geri's van.  Her husband Marty, who was my dad's very good friend,  used this van.  Les' chair needed a bracket on the chair to fit into the bracket that was in the van.  It was gonna cost a near fortune to put that thing in.  But between our friend Barry, our son Kris and our son-in-law Brett, they figured it out themselves and got the bracket installed!  Les had SO MUCH fun that evening hanging out with the boys!  Thanks also to David for his help, and to Dustin and Rick for checking in.

We sold the Explorer to our friend Joey.  That all worked out so well!! 

We have been enjoying just being home.  No appointments at all this month besides Les going to Physical Therapy twice a week.  They are trying to loosen up his shoulder a bit.  His right hand is pretty much useless and his left leg is really dragging.  But, he is eating and swallowing and enjoying that! We would ask for prayers that his left hand stays agile - that hand is key to his texting/emailing communication.

We are thankful for continued visits from neighbor nurse Kay.  Besides checking on Les' health, she brings yummy baked goods along!   Dr. friend Steve also visits often.  Les looks forward to those visits - he can talk to Dr. Steve about anything.  We have had lots of visitors lately and we are enjoying the business of the season.  We pray that you, too, are enjoying this Christmas season, and more importantly, the REASON FOR THE SEASON!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Les' Birthday

Les had a pretty good birthday!  When we got to church that morning, we saw this:

That's cake for the all the people!!  We didn't see that coming.  At the end of the service, the congregation sang happy birthday to Les.  Thanks to Darla and Fran and their small group for this surprise.  Another reason we are so glad to be a part of this church family.

We had lunch with our kids and my parents.  A beautiful SUNNY, crisp day.  Kris and Hannah left right before our small group came that evening.   Good thing Les (and Kris) got a quick nap in that afternoon!  Our small group has been meeting for several years now.  We started out as random people who signed up for a Bible study; now we call them our family. Through thick and thin.
 Thanks for all the texts, messages, cards and shakes :)  Les is very thankful for all the love.