Monday, June 22, 2015


The blessings continue!  These are all so great!!

Our van pooped out a couple weeks ago (you can ask Barry and Rick about that if you want details, tee hee).  Long story short - neighbor friend Melinda found out and called our friend Roy who owns an auto repair shop.  Roy and Rick got the van to Roy's shop - Roy had it back the next evening, working just fine.  AND we haven't received a bill from Roy.......

We needed some major yard trimming done this spring.  Les usually does all this stuff!  We called Mark who does yard work; he attends our church.  He came over and got the trimming done.  Such a nice guy - if you need yard work done, give him a call!  AND we haven't received a bill.........

We have some friends in Palm Springs.  They used to live up here and they attended our church. When they lived here, Les was Rene's "handy man" - he would help out with various odd jobs around Rene & Geraldine's house. We had a chance to visit them last year when we were in Palm Springs.  Anyway, Rene called awhile back to check in on us.   Rene found out that Les likes to listen to books on tape.  Two days later we received a FULL BOX of books and books-on-tape from David Jeremiah.  What an awesome surprise!  Les has been working through them - I believe he might be on the last one.  He has been so blessed by these books.  Les has also been passing them on - and others are being blessed!

Daniel takes pictures.  We have had him take family pictures in the past; he took the wedding pictures of Kris & Hannah.  He doesn't technically take family pictures anymore, but he came and took some of us a few weeks ago.  His wife Traci owns a hair salon and she recently sent over a gift certificate for a pedicure for me, Leslie and Hannah.  How sweet is that???  Such a great young couple.

Our long time friend Roby gifted Les and I each a massage.  Les' massage was in our house - I opted to go to the "spa" because I knew I would be more relaxed there.  We don't see much of Roby anymore but she continues to send thoughts and prayers our way.  Love ya Roby!

Niece Emily's bunco group brought over some single serve meals.  They also did this last fall when Les wasn't eating at all.  Such a great idea, and such a blessing for me.  I don't even know some of these girls!!  Servant hearts.

We had a good Father's Day.  My dad wasn't feeling well, but at least we had coffee with him and mom after church.  (My dad has Parkinsons.)  Our family had pizza at Kris and Hannah's in the evening.  It's so peaceful out there--the little red house in the country.  Les' brother Howard is visiting so he and niece Emily joined us.  A good day.  We are still focusing on just one day at a time.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Choose Joy

 I was convicted recently of two things.

The first for me was to choose joy.  I had read some quotes posted by my Iowa-friend Starla from a book she was reading, "Fight Back With Joy" by Margaret Feinberg.  I commented on her post - two days later the book was on our doorstep.  (THANKS STARLA!)  This is a great book about choosing joy in the midst of whatever you are going through.   Shortly after that,  I saw this chalk frame posted:

I contacted sweet Rachel who creates these and she made one for me that same week.  It will be hanging in my bedroom (as soon as Kris hangs it...........I'm new to all this handyman stuff!!)

The second conviction was to take one day at a time.  Les and I were both worrying/thinking of the future too much, and that made us anxious.  Les and I have been going through the Jesus Calling devotional, and several days have been talking directly to us about this.  Here is an example:

We are now trying to just think about today.  Our days aren't quite as stressful as they were and we are both more content and at peace.  Just today is good.

Please pray that Les keeps use of his left arm/hand.  That arm continues to deteriorate bit by bit.  We try not to worry about it, but that hand is his communication tool!  We are trying to decide if it would be wise to get him a new iPad to type with instead of his phone.  Les isn't eating solid foods anymore.  He was eating blended foods with a syringe, but even that made him very tired - it took too much effort.  Every now and then he will try a shake, or coffee in the morning, but it wears him out.

We took a few family pictures in our backyard a few weeks ago.  Daniel, Tracy and sweet little January were so fun to have around that evening!  This is a super sweet family who has become very dear to us!