Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pursuit of Joy

My family and I had a very busy weekend - full of birthdays!!!  My mom's 80th is coming up in August;  my siblings could not visit in August, so they visited this past weekend and we celebrated a tad early.  I think mom kinda liked that cuz she could keep saying "I'm not 80!!!!"  My mom is a trooper and you would never know she is 80!  She looks great, feels great, and is overall very healthy!  Love you mom!!
Gma Ada with a few of her 21 great grands

My niece from the east side came for mom's party, and while here her baby girl turned one.  Another birthday party!  Happy birthday Miss Melanie!!

Mean momma took the cake away.......

And then it was my birthday on Sunday.  On Saturday this was delivered:

When the florist came I assumed the flowers were from Howard and Vicky - they send flowers often.  My sister Becky and my brother-in-law Denny were in the kitchen prepping food; when I read that card I just could not believe it.  Tears were shed -  it was a weird feeling to read that message.  Seriously, that man was amazing.

This birthday was my first one without Les in 36 years.  (Not that I'm old or anything!!!!)  The day went well - better than I had anticipated.  Lots of family was still here from Mom's party and that sure helped.  Our sermon that morning was on the pursuit of joy.  Our new pastor did not know Les and he did not know that joy has been my "word" of choice the past few years.  What a blessing this sermon was.  Thanks Pastor Kyle for blessing me on my birthday - keep the great sermons coming.
The plan was to hike that afternoon, BUT my YOUNGER sisters couldn't make it.  Sharon was sick and Becky had a bum knee.  This OLDEST sister was the healthiest that day!!!!  ha~
Miss Jayna was amazing with the kiddos!

On Monday everyone was gone except us girls (and Denny!) after a busy weekend.  Thanks mom and dad for a great dinner.  We had such a good time that evening!!  We had a great time the entire week of visitors.  I am blessed to have you all in my life.  I continue to choose JOY.

So This Happened

Friends Daniel and Tracy dropped off a bottle of wine on Father's Day.  The name of the wine is "So This Happened"  How cute is that?  And how sweet are they?

We survived Father's day.  Our sweet baby Preston was baptized on this day.  I asked Leslie, are you sure about this?  And she said "YES.  I want something happy on this day"  Preston was baptized with his two friends Mason and Weston.  These babies all have an older sibling who is two and they were also all baptized together.  What a blessing these friendships are.  (FYI the only 2 year old who talked on stage while their brother was getting baptized was Kaden......)

Kris and Leslie both posted a beautiful tribute to their dad that evening.  Les would have been so proud of the parents they are, along with Hannah and Brett.  Les would have been such a great grandpa.

Today was a bittersweet day. Preston was baptized along with our closest friends and their babes. But someone was missing today while we celebrated and it hurt more than I imagined it would. Dad, thanks for the memories and being the most loving, thoughtful, and selfless dad. I wish more than anything you could be here to wrestle with my boys and that they could experience your love and hugs and your laughter! You'd be the best grandpa! Miss you. Love you. Happy Father's Day.
*these pics are from meeting Kaden in the hospital and the moment he learned they share a middle name ❤️ I'm cherishing these pictures of my dad more than I ever thought I would need to. Thanking God for the time we had

 It was a bitter sweet day. The first year being a dad, but yet the first year without my dad. I can only hope I'm half the father he was to me. Love you pops!!! ‪#‎wemisspa‬ ‪#‎kooistrastrong‬ ‪#‎fathersday‬ ‪#‎dallasjoy‬
 Love these kiddos of mine, and the babies they have given me.  They give me great JOY.
Even if we can't get a picture of all of us................

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


This picture popped up on my Facebook timeline this week.  Oh what a fun day!

We went white water rafting six years ago this month - before grandbabies and before ALS.  I am SO THANKFUL for the fun things we did - for the adventures we went on.  If you are thinking about doing something with your family - DO IT!!!!!

I recently spent a week in Leavenworth.  Being in Leavenworth is kinda like camping in the mountains - but you still have a bed and a kitchen.  I had a very relaxing week;  I spent some time with my high school friend Terri, my niece Dani and family, my brother Donald and family, friends Lonnie, Lori and Alicia (and her sweet kiddos Ocean and River!)  Thank you Steve and Cheryl.  Your generosity is a blessing.. 

102 degrees this day!
Happy birthday to my little brother
 A daughter of our dear friends Rick & Pam recently got married.  We were out setting up the day before the wedding, and I just got so sad.  Les should have been there!  We helped with their other two daughters' weddings - Les sang at both of them! - and it just felt weird to not have him there.  The actual wedding was also difficult for me - the father/daughter dance!! - so  many memories.    I'm glad I was with dear friends and I'm glad that another "first" is also over!  I wasn't expecting that sadness!!
My girls!!!
These girls keep life fun!
Life goes on.  The grief still comes and goes - not as often, but it still hits me when I least expect it (like the wedding!!).  When I start looking at old pictures - oh my, I just get lost in memories!  So many good ones!  I am so thankful for that.  I've been able to travel quite a bit lately and have some fun -- I am making NEW memories.  I am thankful for that.  There is still joy to be had in this life!