Saturday, August 13, 2016


It's been a busy summer.  And that is good!  I like to keep busy.  But just because I am busy doesn't mean that I don't still get lonely.  When you lose your other half, life is lonely.

I recently attended my 40th class reunion.  When we would say 40 years to each other, we would be like, how is this possible????  I haven't lived back in that town for about 35 years, so I don't always remember people, etc. too well.  I was surprised at how those memories came back at our truly doesn't feel like this was 40 years ago!  The weekend was alot of fun and I am very glad I went.  I am looking forward to reconnecting with some of these Tiger friends.

I spent a few days in San Diego with my sister Becky and family.  Her daughter Jenae was in the Surf Cup soccer tournament.  Wow.  Who knew this was such a big deal???  A very fun weekend and I loved watching J play soccer.   The beaches weren't bad either..........
You guys, I have a new job.  I wasn't looking for any new work but knew I would want something additional in the near future - I will be losing one of my contractor jobs when he retires.  Our church was looking for a bookkeeper but I figured it would be too many hours.  My friend Kara (she is the HR for our church) asked me if I was applying.......she told me the hours would be about 6-8 a week.........I applied, interviewed and got the job.  I go in to the church office on Tuesdays and so far, I LOVE it.  A great place to be and great people to work with.  This was a total "God thing" and I was once again amazed at how He is in control of my life.

I have a prayer request for you.  On September 11 some friends, my girls and I are going on an adventure.  We are hiking 20 miles in to Stehekin on Lake Chelan.   Les and I were just starting to plan this hike when he got sick.  Last year after he died I thought, I want to do this hike on the anniversary of Les' passing away.   I mentioned it to some friends and I was very surprised at how many want to join me!  I am so thrilled that Leslie, Hannah and Emily are joining us.   My friend Bethany talked with us awhile back about "training" and how to prepare.  My friend Kara recently hiked this trail (she's done it several times - her and her husband Dan were the inspiration for Les and I to plan this hike) so she talked to us about what to expect -- she was our cheerleader for a night!!  I am so blessed to have all of these women in my life.

After a long training walk....
We like to visit Overflow Taps after our Homestead Striders walks
Training - a tough hike to Oyster Dome!!
BUT we would ask for prayers on this journey.  Please pray that we have no injuries, that we can all finish the hike, that the weather is good, and that we can honor our memories of Les.
Thank you!  I have so felt your prayers the past several years and I am so grateful for them.
the team (missing Hannah, Gina and Lonnie in the pic)
 No Kaden is not going and neither is the dog Zoe............