Sunday, April 3, 2016


Les is in Paradise with God, I am sure.  I decided to take a trip to Hawaii, which is a pretty great paradise here on earth!  Last year when Les sold his Explorer, we saved the cash hoping for a trip like this after he was gone.  Late last fall my kids and I booked a trip to Maui.  As I was booking it, my California sister invited me to a week in Maui with her at her timeshare..........everything worked out great with the timing for me to go for two weeks!  
My kids and I spent 8 days at a condo we rented, north of Black Rock.  It was pretty tough - all we had to worry about was beach or pool?  what to eat?  The grandbabies did really well, all things considered.  We traveled to a couple different beaches for a change of scenery, but otherwise stayed put and relaxed.  It was our first family vacation without Les - moments of sadness, but we had a great time.  Les would have loved it.

MY baby boy turned 30 while we were there.  How is this possible?  Kris decided to go to the aquarium since it was a bit drizzly that morning.  K-man came along - he loved the "big fish".

Attempt at a photo in shirts from cousin Judy/Lilypad
The day my kids and grandbabies flew back home,  my sisters flew in--Becky from California and Sharon from Iowa.  We moved to Becky's timeshare condo at the Marriott.  I'm not sure where those days went!  We had lots of fun, relaxed, read books, ordered fancy drinks poolside, ate yummy food.   After our Palm Sunday beach side church service, we hiked up past Kapalua golf course.  A steep hike, but good exercise and great views!!

**A big SHOUT OUT to these sisters of mine.  They have traveled to visit us/me more times than I can keep track of the past 2.5 years.   I know that if I need them and I ask, they will come.  We are so different in many ways and yet so similar in many others.  I am thankful for them and I love them.**

I was not ready to go home!  It was a great time away.  I came home to dreary, cold, wet weather.  I had a couple tough days getting back to reality - as my friend Sheri said - it's my reality without Les!  So true.  But then it was Good Friday, and Easter - I went to church with my parents and shared communion with some dear friends, and I thought, Yes, I am back home.  I'm so thankful I have this church family!!  I'm thankful for my children and grandbabies, my parents, and for good friends.  This past week, the sun has been shining - the grass is green, the tulips are blooming - spring is here with new life as we continue to learn how to live in our new lives without Les.