Saturday, January 24, 2015

3 Month Check

This week Wednesday Les had another 3 month checkup at UW.  These appointments don't tell us anything that we don't already know; as Les likes to say "I still have ALS and I'm still deteriorating..."  But it's nice to check in and visit with our "friends".  We almost missed nurse Jen - but the receptionist made us wait as we were leaving and we ended our day with a nice chat with Jen.

This was a new adventure for us because we took the van and wheelchair.  A little more stressful for me, the driver!  And then there wasn't any parking in the stinking parking garage....ugh.  BUT we made it and the van worked great.  Les was a little sad - another milestone - he said he always wondered about the first time he would go to UW in his wheelchair.

Les' weight is hanging right around 180 so that's good.  His limbs are definitely getting weaker.  His right hand/arm is pretty much useless.  He drags his left foot/leg which makes walking very difficult.  His right leg is also getting weaker.  He had a lung test (which is difficult to do with a stoma!!) but his lungs looked pretty good.  He is still eating and enjoying that so much.  It takes a while and it's a little messy, but he is eating!

We also met with the ENT clinic because Les was feeling air puff out in the skin above his stoma.  He was a bit worried about this.  But the doctor ran a scope through his stoma and through his nose and everything looked fine.  Dr. Hillel was in Portugual at a conference of some sort - a pretty prestigious thing to be at!!

Dr. was excited to use a new "toy"!!!
The cleaning fairies made an appearance while we were gone for the day.  Clean windows!  Clean sinks! Clean basement!  Mopped floors!  It's such a great feeling walking in the back door and smelling a clean house.  Such a relief to me!  The flower box fairy also made an appearance.  Spring is coming!  We also received yummy meals from Pam, Lu and Dan & Deb.  So, so appreciated.

I have been super busy this month with bookkeeping busyness.  Kind of a good thing because the month of January always flies by!!  February looks like it is filling up with visitors - another good thing!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thanksgiving in January

We have so many people to thank.  I kinda hate to do this cuz I'm sure we will leave someone out.  But we really need to do some shout outs.

Our son Kris asked in December if Les would like a new walking stick or a new cane.  Well, I didn't know!  He schemed with my nephew Derek, and Derek made this new cane.  Amazing.  This guy has been making some very creative things lately (he made Kris & Hannah's dining table for their wedding gift!!!)  Les is very dependent on his cane right now.
See his wood burning?  Bird feathers on top and Hank on the bottom??
Joey, Joe and Jeff built this ramp on a Saturday morning in December. 

For some others who thought of us recently:
neighbor Jeany, neighbors David and Karen, neighbor chef Dan (and wife Melinda), bestie Lori and family, Carolyn, neighbor nurse Kay, Joel S., Lu, Trisha and Doris, David and VW family, Tom, Iowa bestie Nancy, Lori VW, Brian and Lonnie, Steve and Sheri, Carl and Renee,  Bruce and Jermaine, Sherm and Phyllis, my parents, our families.  AND the cleaning fairies made another appearance!

We received goodies, soup, pies, Christmas decorations, poinsettas, notes, casseroles, boot cuffs (for me - not Les!), gift cards, California lemons, coffee beans, special sweat pants, special keys from France.......we are so thankful for each of you.  And we are thankful for everyone's prayers - I've said it before, WE FEEL THEM.

From church on Sunday:
-"O for a closer walk with God, A calm and heavenly frame, A light to shine upon the road, That leads me to the Lamb!
-Where is the blessedness I knew, When first I saw the Lord? Where is the soul refreshing view, Of Jesus and His Word?
-What peaceful hours I once enjoyed! How sweet their memory still! But they have left an aching void, The world can never fill.
-The dearest idol I have known, Whate'er that idol be, Help me to tear it from Thy throne, And worship only Thee.
-So shall my walk be close with God, Calm and serene my frame; So purer light shall mark the road, That leads me to the Lamb."

We were blessed with a soul searching sermon from Pastor Ken about the things in our lives that keep us from Jesus.  We hope and pray that this new year finds you at peace with God.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year

Yikes, how did it get to be January 6??  We had a nice relaxing Christmas/end of the year season. We don't have extended family here, so we don't have tons of extra Christmas get togethers.  We did have a fun evening with some friends, "ugly sweaters" and all!!  These people have shown us what it's like to be a servant.

Christmas Eve Les and I went to our church's candlelight service.  I love that service!  We hold our candles high in the dark singing "Silent Night, Holy Night".  Love it.

Christmas morning is with our kids.  They came pretty early this year - ready for lattes, breakfast and finding their stockings!  Yes, Santa hides our stockings.  We kinda had to go right into opening gifts - we were having Christmas dinner at my parents about 1:00.  Les had the prime rib roast going on his Traeger grill all morning.  Yummy.

Auntie Hannah helping little man
New fan - go Hawks!!

Ready for SAFE snowmobiling
My sister and her hubs decided on Tuesday to fly in on Christmas Day (Thursday)!  They wanted to surprise our mom and dad, so I picked them up at the shuttle drop-off right after our Christmas dinner.  They stayed with Les and I for several days - it was great to have them around.  My younger brother and family were also here for several days.  They come every other Christmas.
Only pic of my sister! 

Almond Banket lessons with grandma
We had a fun New Year's with friends - our customary New Year's.  We were gonna celebrate at east coast time, but we were having too much fun so postponed our celebration til about 10:00 our time.  Les did good! and we had lots of fun.  Dear, dear friends.