Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Fun

This month has a few names for us here in the great NorthWest - #snowmageddon2017, #snowpocalypse2017.  SO MUCH SNOW.  I won't post too many pictures of snow because I believe we have all seen enough snow.   I do want you to see what happens when my snow-loving Iowa-born golden doodle plays in the snow.  Only a warm bath would dissolve those ice balls in his fur.  Every single day, usually more than once!!

My Iowa sister visited the beginning of the month.  We blame her for bringing us that week of continuous snow.  Her flight home was delayed a day - I guess that was her punishment.  (But a good thing for me!!)  We couldn't get out and about too much because of the weather, but we still had fun.  We had a "girls night out" with some of my friends.  We ate lots of good food.  Sharon was able to spend some time with Mom and Dad, which is always a blessing!  Come back soon, Sharon, but do not bring us snow next time!!

Next to visit were my California nephews.  They have not been here for a couple years.  Mitch is a college senior at CalPoly and Sean has been out of college for two years - he is working in the real world.  Again, the weather didn't cooperate too much.  We did get in a hike with Rick and Pam - it was muddy but oh, so pretty!!  We had some quality family time with these two young men!
Cousin love

January was a blur to me - lots of work!  I was glad when it was over.  I was anxious to GET OUT OF TOWN and tried earlier in the month, but the messy pass over the mountain didn't allow it.  I finally headed over this past weekend.  There was much more snow on the ground over there (why didn't I go somewhere warm????)  but the people I hung out with made up for it!  I stayed with my niece Dani and her family - she has two little girls.  This family wakes up EARLY - the girls usually visited my room around 6:30. Dani would bring me a latte in bed - I was very thankful for that!  My younger brother Don and his family also live there, so I was able to spend time with them.  I went to a couple of 7th grade basketball games, had coffee with my sweet niece Gretta and my sister-in-law Sue, saw where my brother was laying tile in a very large new home, spent time shopping with Dani.  I had the privilege of watching little Miss Natalie get her white belt in karate.  I met a high school friend for dinner and I met up with my friend Kim (we cheered on the Tigers!!!) at the church that she and my brother's family attend.  Lots of fun with some special people!  I am ready to go back!

I truly am ready for warmer weather.  I feel myself disliking the dark days lately.  I need some sun to motivate me and encourage my bones!   I am about half way through my second year without Les.  The loneliness settled in this winter.  (It's not really very fun having a snow storm when your other half isn't around to sit by the fire with - I missed him!)  I've probably said this before - I stay very busy, but it is still lonely.  The grief has settled down, and maybe that's why I notice the loneliness more.  BUT I am still so very thankful for what I have, the people I get to "do" life with, and mostly for the peace in knowing that God is always with me.  Life does still bring me great joy.

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